About the XXIXth International Congress of Audiology (ICA) 2008


The International Congress of Audiology (ICA) is a biennial congress that is held in different part of the world to discuss important issues in relation to audiology. Jointly organized by The International Society of Audiology (ISA) and The Hong Kong Society of Audiology (HKSA), The XXIXth International Congress of Audiology (ICA) 2008 will explore the theme of Latest Technologies, New Practices, Future Directions.

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The rapid development in audiology and hearing sciences opens horizons for new practices and paves the way for exciting future directions. The XXIXth International Congress of Audiology will explore the theme of Latest Technologies, New Practices and Future Directions through research presentations, invited lectures, interactive workshops, clinical rounds and panel discussions led by pre -eminent speakers.

Taking advantage of its proximity to the PRC, we are expecting over 800 participants from all over the world.

International Advisory Board
Name Title Department Organization Country
Dr. Bolajoko O. Olusanya Senior Research Fellow Maternal and Child Health Unit University of Lagos Nigeria
Dr. De Wet Swanepoel Senior Lecturer Department of Pathology University of Pretoria South Africa
Dr. Fan-Gang Zeng Professor UCI HESP LAB University of California, Irvine USA
Prof. Jackie L. Clark Faculty member School of Behavioral & Brain Sciences University of Texas, Dallas USA
Dr. Joseph Kei Head of Division of Audiology School of Health Rehabilitation Sciences University of Queensland Australia
Prof. Li Xu Associate Professor School of Hearing, Speech & Language Sciences Ohio University Athens
Prof. Linda J. Hood Professor Department of Hearing and Speech Sciences Vanderbilt University USA
Prof. Norberto V. Martinez Chairman Department of Otorhinolaryngology University of Santo Tomas Philippine
Dr. Pamela Souza Associate Professor Dept. of Speech & Hearing Sciences University of Washington, Seattle, USA USA
Dr. Teresa Ching Senior Research Scientist National Acoustic Laboratories Australia
Dr. Valerie Newton Professor Emerita in Audiological Medicine Centre for Audiology University of Manchester England
Dr. Valter Ciocca Professor School of Audiology and Speech Sciences University of British Columbia Canada